What if Avengers-Infinity had Tollywood Cast

I’m writing this article inspired by our MARVELvsDCTelugu posts and with their permission, this entire credit will go this MARVELvsDCTelugu team.

So why we wait for??  lets see what if Avenger-infinity had Tollywood cast

1. NAGARJUNA as IRON MANCYMERA_20170730_011124-01

When we heard about Avengers the first thing that strike in our mind is IRON_MAN
Nagarjuna would be apt for this role.. He has that wittiness which can help him to pull role…his beard makes him look more Tony stark… Honestly he would be the best Iron-man if the movie had a tollywood cast..


As we know Gopichand is quite great at playing cop roles he would perfectly fit into colonel Rhodes and his personality is also a great advantage… This rigged action hero can rock if he’s castes as war machine.



Both of them are completely ripped warheads… Sudheer’s bicep is the greatest advantage to this his role.. These two has more similarities… Main plus point fearless eyes… He is perfect for this role because of his relationship with Captain America….keep an eye.


Mahesh babu is renowned as the most handsome actor in tollywood just like captain he doesn’t age. when it comes to values cap is the role model for everyone so is mahesh.. As we’ve seen in srimanthudu.. And his body is quite impressive to play cap… And BTW he shares a great chemistry with winter soldier (SudheerBabu).

5.NANI (VOICE) for ROCKET-RACOONCYMERA_20170730_010839-01

Nani’s voice would be perfect for rocket racoon as he can enhance sarcastic and witty dialogues in his own style and his modulation will help this little creature to reach the hearts of tollywood audience.

6. RAMCHARAN as VISIONCYMERA_20170730_010759-01

Vision is one of the strongest avenger… Ramcharan would be a better option for this role because of his personality and he looks like vision in a few angles… And preferably the best thing is his voice which would help him to pull this role.

7.VARUN_TEJ as LOKI.CYMERA_20170730_010728-01

Varun tej’s major advantage is his height which will make him look like the Loki and his skinny physique helps him to cope with the body language of Loki. And we think that he’s versatile enough to play any role.. His unbeatable charm alike Loki is a major similarity.

8.MANCHU_MANOJ as DRAX CYMERA_20170730_010639-01

Drax is the one of the most bad-ass superheroes in marvel… Manoj can pull deviant characters with ease… Both of them share a similar physique…. Just imagine him heading towards Ronan with two knifes.

9. SONU_SOOD as GROOTCYMERA_20170730_010545-01

Sonu sood would be the perfect choice for Groot. As you can see Groot has some facial features of sonu sood.

10.PRABHAS as THOR.CYMERA_20170730_010506-01

I think explanation is not required for this, both Thor is a GOD to guardian’s and prabhas is Demigod to Mahishmathian’s.

11.NIKHIL as FALCONCYMERA_20170730_011649-01

I think that nikhil is the one who can play Falcon if the movie had a tollywood cast… As an actor he established himself with his own style… Just like Falcon… Nikhil looks like a techy geek.

12.RAVITEJA as HAWAKEYECYMERA_20170730_010407-01

First let us make it clear that Hawk-eye is a 45 year old shield agent… On the other side we have raviteja who’s a senior actor with energy of a teen.. He would nail the role with his own style and intensity.

13.TAMANNAH as BLACK-WIDOWCYMERA_20170730_010256-01

Hottest actresses in respective industries… We personally feel that tamanna can nail any role with her skills and body language… Honestly you can’t find someone better who can play this role.

14.KAJAL as SCARLETT WITCHCYMERA_20170730_010155-01

The most famous actress in tollywood playing the most powerful female superhero lead… BTW kajal has a great chemistry with ram Charan… We feel that she would be perfect for Scarlett witch as ram Charan is vision…. Kajal’s expressions would help her to cope with the role.

15. ILEANA as GAMORACYMERA_20170730_010057-01

The not so interesting girl turning out to be the dangerous woman in the Galaxy… Gamora is a fine looking woman who can kick out every baddie’s butt…I dare you… I double dare you.. You can’t find a better actress than Ileana who can pull off Gamora with her attire, and other similarity is look at their waist 😉 :p

16.THARAK (Jr.NTR) as BLACK PANTHERCYMERA_20170730_005948-01

Tharak would be the best option… He’s energy level would be a great add on for this role… He’s perfect for the role because tharak can cope with the role of a person seeking for vengeance.

17.AKHIL as SPIDERMANCYMERA_20170730_005844-01

Akhil would be apt for this role… As he can transform himself from from the guy next door to the amazing superhero… He can be an innocent guy as well as a dangerous superhero… Just imagine Nagarjuna playing iron man and his conversation with akhil would be dope af.

18.NAGACHAITANYA as ANTMANCYMERA_20170730_005750-01

One word “face cut”…

19.ALLUARJUN as STARLORDCYMERA_20170730_005710-01

Comedy timing is a huge similarity.

20. VENKATESH as BRUCE BANNER and RANA as HULKCYMERA_20170730_005636-01

Just imagine emotional venky transforming into angry and green rana.. Hulk is critical but it would be great if it had rana’s face

21.PAWANKALYAN as DR.STRANGECYMERA_20170730_005517-01.jpeg

Most famous actor playing most powerful superhero… No certain reasons but we think pk can pull Dr strange.

21.CHIRU as NICK FURYCYMERA_20170730_005412-01

” the man behind the revolution ” should i say anything else?.

Comment below if i missed any hero with suitable character.




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